Life. Time.

"Sarah, raise your legs", I said in a commanding voice to the girl in front of me, and she obliged.
She and I were chilling in a hostel isolated up in the mountains far from everywhere. I had been travelling alone for weeks and I missed my girlfriend very much.
Sarah is an awesome woman who had served me cigarettes and beer whenever I asked. Maybe because I am such a charming person but probably because she worked at the hostel and I paid. She sat in her hammock looking at me curiously with her legs now facing forward at my request.
"Might be poisonous" I warned, and pointed towards the pretty big spider crawling beneath her where her feet just had been.
You can't see them, but there are a lot of spiders in this picture.
It wasn't by choice I was travelling alone. Sofia and I had just begun our planned travel along the Panamamerican Highway when her mom passed away and she had to fly home.
Then her dad died. Then her aunt.
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