In and out of Georgia, again

"Oh no, I have rabies!" I thought. "I'm probably going to die!". Then I went back to sleep.  Just before leaving Georgia for the Christmas holidays in Sweden, the house cat at the hostel had given me a slight scratch. I always imagined that if I was bitten by a dog or other wild animal I would hurry to the nearest hospital for treatment, especially in countries where rabies is common. But this cat was domestic and cute. I can't go to the doctor for a small scratch from a cute cat, can I? Stupid rabies cat! Two weeks later, just days after Christmas, I'm waking up in my bed back in Sweden with an extremely sore throat, a symptom of rabies. "Well, it's too late now anyway!" I thought, considering that in order to survive you need to get treatment within a week, before signs of the disease manifests.  Luckily it turns out that it wasn't rabies, but rather the result of having half a dozen flu spreading children running around fighting for

In and out of Georgia

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