Drunk assholes

Sometimes I'm an asshole, and I am known to have been drunk from time to time. However, I am never an asshole and drunk at the same time. At least not since my teenage years. I'm sure someone will protest and tell a different story.

Now and then one encounter a drunk asshole and it can ruin the whole day for everyone.

We had climbed the last summit before reaching civilization and lo and behold, there was a bar! It had been a while since we had a beer so we decided to have a break even though it was just about 10 kilometers left to go to the hotel we had booked.

I went inside, bought two beers from the nice lady at the counter and went back outside to enjoy the drinks in the sun.

Outdoor seating in early March. 
While we were relaxing a car drove up and started honking. He honked some more and I heard the lady replying but nobody came outside. I wondered what kind of service you could get by honking, there are no gas pumps around. Some takeaways maybe?

The guy kept honking and …

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