Follow the blue line

Thursday, March 7, 2019.
Time to departure: 2h 30m.
We thanked Marta and José and hugged them goodbye. We were as usual supposed to be at the ferry at least an hour before departure, but it should take no more than an hour to bike the 15 km from their lovely home to the Santa Cruz harbor, since it's mostly downhill. Mostly.

Sad goodbyes. We look sad, don't we?

Sweet view!

We started to cycle and hadn't got far when the wind hit us hard. Our pace slowed down significantly, we even had to walk for a while. I looked at the map in my phone. We hadn't covered much of a distance in the last 30 minutes.

We pushed on through traffic and reached the coastal bike path after a little more than an hour. Now we just need to get to the harbor. Plenty of time.

But how did we end up here? It was surreal cycling between the highway lanes.

Time to departure: 1h 20m.
We got to ride a few hundred meters on the bicycle path then a crowd blocked our way. A traveling amusement park of…


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