Anecdotes from the road, or: never pass up a bathroom

-”You have already told me this story! Several times, in fact!”, my patient girlfriend Sofia exclaimed as we were cycling from Malaga into the mountains!

I told it again, anyway. After all, this is where it transpired.

Cycling from Malaga towards Caminito del Rey.

It was the morning of November 1st, 1996. I woke up in Seville with a severe hangover and a very upset stomach. The bus I was supposed to be on, if I wanted to have a decent chance of getting to the airport in Malaga in time for my flight home to Sweden, had already left. Yesterday the task of getting up early and catching a bus seemed so easy. Trivial even, nothing to worry about.

Me in Seville in 1996. That shirt survived until recently!

I had to be on board the next bus so I quickly got up, got my stuff and ran to the bus station.

I really needed a visit to the restroom, but the horror that hit me that day in Seville is still imprinted in my brain. It was like someone had thrown a bomb made out of feces into the facility. I…

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