What's the plan, again?

Some people, well, actually most people, ask us where we are heading, what our route is supposed to be.

The answer most closely resembling a truth would be “We don't know”, but that doesn't register with people. Of course we must know where we are going, how can we not?

One of my many, many character flaws is the inability to handle routine. Doing repeating, and identical, tasks slowly but steady consumes my soul. I need to move forward, to see and do new things, if ever so slightly different from the last. Skateboard one thousand five hundred kilometers of a straight highway across a desert filled with little more than red sand, spiders and termite mounds? Awesome! Taking a wrong turn while cycling so I have to double back the same road for three kilometers? Horrifying!

That is my enigma; I want to visit every place one can go, see everything that can be seen. I want to experience every experience, try every endeavor. I want to drink all the booze, hack all the things.

I real…


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