The mystery of the missing meat

Many cyclist live off of pasta. It's cheap, it lasts, is easy to carry and there an abundance of pasta sauces to purchase in every supermarket.
However, some of us are trying to avoid carbs.

Sofia doing her best avoiding those pesky carbs.

Usually we shop fresh food on a daily basis buying some meat and vegetables. But we also carry a few days worth of canned food for emergencies, whenever we don't find a supermarket, or if we simply don't feel like shopping. Browsing the grocery store is the worst part of the day. It feels like work, almost.

Most canned food is of low quality, but our staple emergency dinner has been a can of corned beef complemented with a can of baked beans in tomato sauce. Add some spices and it becomes a tasty and reasonably healthy chili dish, low on carbs but full with proteins and fat.

Until Lisbon.

Throughout Europe we have found corned beef in almost every well stocked supermarket, but in Lisbon we did not. We didn't think much of it, we had …



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