We're going, we're going

I have been dreaming, planning, saving, for the better part of a decade. Yet when the conceived hour of departure came and passed I hadn't even packed my bags, still contemplating what of my few possessions to bring and what to discard.

I hadn't even had the time to meet with all the friends and family that I would have wanted, giving me a slight bad conscience.

It's usually how it goes. When I left for Australia almost three years ago I was still mopping the floor in my soon to be someone elses apartment at 6 AM when the taxi pulled up outside.

My oldest tab in my internet browser, several years and counting, is an article called How to Beat Procrastination by WaitButWhy. How to beat procrastination. It's right there. Some day I am going to read it, dammit! Yes, I have issues.

Several hours too late in the day Sofia and I finally and hastily put the panniers on the bikes, hugged the closest family goodbye and with dad filming we were on our way.

We're going, we…

Life. Time.

Rafting Fylleån

Nimis in Ladonia

Mount Snowdon


Alice Springs

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1000 km

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