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It wasn't clear to us why this bus driver had parked his bus out here. Nobody else was around and it was evidently the end of this gravel road, thanks to a chain strapped across it.
“Cerrado! Permanentemente!”, he said. Closed. Permanently.
We dreaded going back. We would have to go about ten kilometres to return to where we previously had chosen direction, and then still take a much longer route. Longer, and less exiting.
We looked ahead, past the chain blocking the way. The road with the unremarkable name ALP-822 was listed as one of the worlds best roads. The chain stopped cars from driving further, but it would be easy for us to pass next to it. Why was it closed? “¿Por qué?” The bus driver couldn't answer.
The best road in the world. That's where we wanted to be. Not here on this dull gravel road. Over there, on that fun gravel road! Just a fence in between.
We decided to take our chances. For whatever reason the road was closed, we were hoping to be able to overcome any o…

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