The Queen of Vaginas

- "She is the Queen of Vaginas!", the man exclaimed and pointed towards our host! "She is the pussy-queen!"
I wasn't sure what to make of it, but since I am the stranger at this party, my knowledge of Spanish idioms is very limited and the man in front of me is the best friend of the hosts, I decided to not reach for any conclusions and just listen.
Sandra, the woman he was referring to, cleared it up.
- "I'm a midwife. I deliver babies."
Ah, that would explain it. That, and the fact that Sandra could speak fluent English.
Sofia and I had graciously been invited to stay with her and Eloi despite it being Eloi's birthday and they had their hands full with preparing the party. Their friends arrived one by one and they all made their best effort to make us feel included, along with insisting on keeping our glasses full.
We had a ferry to catch the day after, but it departed 11:30 and we didn't worry too much. It was a problem for tomorrow, not now.


Sunshine and wine

Beard Progress II

5000 km to the center of the world


Great expectations