What's your name again?

Imagine the following conversation:

Anders; “Hello there stranger, my name is Anders!”
Stranger; “Hi John, my name is Jake!”
Anders; “Hello Jake, but my name isn't John, it's Anders.”
Jake; “Sounds complicated, I'll just call you John.”
Anders; “Well, if it's too difficult you can call me Andrew. Andy works too.”
Jake; “Thanks but I'll stick to John.”
Sounds pretty insulting, doesn't it? However, that must be the reality for some countries. Like Hrvatska and Hellas. Or Croatia and Greece as we call them.
Remembering names is a challenge, but it helps a lot when you experience the place firsthand.
I remember the name and the atmosphere of every little town and roadhouse in the Australian Outback. Places such as Larrimah, population 11. I recall every place I cycled through in South East Asia, like Nakhon Sawan in Thailand or Lak Xao, Laos. I clearly remember cycling into the little town of Höfn, Iceland, or Husum, Germany, a little over a year ago. All of these …

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