Clueless along the coast

January 5th, 2010. A youngish Anders Karlsson has just arrived in Singapore and while he doesn't know it yet, he is about to embark on a life changing adventure that is going to define his future. Not knowing, that is the reason his excitement can be comparable to a child's intense anticipation the night before Christmas. It is his first time in Asia with everything that encompasses regarding culture, sound, smell and climate, and the first time traveling completely on his own. When he left Sweden the temperature was ten degrees below freezing, then as the automatic exit doors at Changi Airport slides open the hot and humid Singaporean air hits him. “I am going to ride a bicycle in this heat? What was I thinking?”

That is not at all how things transpired this time around. Sofia and I left home slowly, our first stop was an old friend 25 km away, a route I have ridden countless times before. There was no culture shock, no sudden change in temperature. Usually when one travels y…

We're going, we're going

Life. Time.

Rafting Fylleån

Nimis in Ladonia

Mount Snowdon


Alice Springs

It's not all fun and games

Too much water in the desert

The Devils Marbles

1000 km

Into the Red Centre