In and out of Georgia

- "Kutaisi!", my friend Maciej exclaimed! Is this some kind of Polish expletive, I wondered. Sofia and I were having some drinks with our friends Anna and Maciej in the city of Batumi, Georgia, discussing flying home to family and friends for Christmas. - "We are flying back home from Kutaisi!", Maciej continued. "20 Euros for a ticket!" I had never heard of this town. That is not unusual, but we had been looking for cheap flights from Georgia and had completely missed this international Airport. Flying from the capital of Tbilisi was at least a 150 Euros. Kutaisi sounded like a much better plan. The week before we had been cycling along the Black Sea coast in Turkey. While the weather was good the traffic was stressful, and we had to cycle through a lot of scary tunnels with little space left for bicycles. We wanted to get to Georgia as quickly as possible. Somewhere along the coast.  One of many tunnels.  Eventually we got to the border, after pa

Drunk assholes

Skiing in Gudauri

Being Anders

Crossing Turkey

A big hill and a big mistake

Cappadocia in moving pictures

Central Turkey


Hiking among dildos