Unimaginable pain

“Something hurt me”, Sofia said. “I want to get out of the water!”.

“It's probably just a small jellyfish”, I responded. “There's nothing to worry about here.”, I confidently claimed.

I was very wrong.

Death is lurking below the surface.

Floating around in waist-deep water we tried to avoid touching the bottom as it was rocky and full of marine plants.

Slowly moving towards the shore I used my feet a little bit, just to help my body moving forward, when I felt needles pushing into my toe followed by an intense ache.

I cried out to Sofia, “I stepped on something. I need to get to shore, NOW!”. She could hear the seriousness in my voice.

I had less than 10 meters to dry land but the pain rapidly increased and I wasn't even half way when I started screaming. I ungracefully put my foot above water and shouted “Is there something stuck in my toe?”, convinced by the pain the thing that bit me must still be attached.

“No, there is nothing”, she said. “Wait, maybe one or two tiny pun…

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