Not the asshole

“You're like a child! A child with money!”, Flo exclaimed when I persuaded him to accept the ice cream I had just bought for him.

“A child? Me? Not at all!”, I thought. But more importantly, I am no longer the Asshole! I giggled a bit.

A month ago Sofia and I slowly cycled the Algarve coast. I felt weak after a round of antibiotics, or maybe due to the alcohol ban because of the antibiotics. Or maybe I felt weak because I ignored the alcohol ban and drank beer anyway. Whatever the reason, cycling was a chore, not an adventure.

Cabo de São Vicente, the most southwestern point of continental Europe.

"Cycling" towards Lisbon.

It was then Anna and Flo got in touch telling us they were going to cycle to northern Portugal. We had stayed with them in Las Palmas and I had left with the unfortunate title of being the reigning Asshole.

They wondered if we would like to cycle with them. Of course we would like to join, the question was, would we be able to keep up? The more important …

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