Like many people, I've always been interested in history. I have vague memories of watching the show Double or Nothing and knowing the correct answer to all the questions. I was five years old and the subject was dinosaurs. I probably remember things wrong, but when I studied History of innovation at the university, it was the best course I've ever attended.

It might be due to my desire to experience everything. It has always been bugging me that I can't visit other planets and that the past can't be travelled to.

Space and dinosaurs, I'm so unique.

Northern France is the setting for some of the biggest and most important events in modern history. The first city we reached after leaving Belgium was Dunkerque. Having just seen the movie about the evacuation during World War II, Operation Dynamo, or the Miracle of Dunkirk, I tried to get a feeling of how it must have been.

Dunkerque beach.
Unfortunately I have great difficulty to putting myself in history when I'm…

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