2. The Uplifting Planning

I love to travel. Just knowing I’m going somewhere makes me a lot happier, and this time the pre-travel jitters are hitting earlier than ever. Usually I’m never nervous about a trip, I’m rarely nervous about anything actually, but this time I don’t have a clue about what is about to happen. They say you get less nervous if you are well prepared (citation needed) so I’ll give it a try, though I am not as nervous as I am excited.

Vaccinations? Check. Visa applications? Apparently I don’t need any visas; most countries seem to trust Swedes for some reason. Camera? My D200 will do. Laptop? Bought one. When I’m planning something my mind usually concentrates on the bigger, more important issues, and in this case I’m wondering how long a beard I’ll grow, and if I’ll get enough coffee. Will beer be an issue in Malaysia? Probably not, but I’ll better Google it. Yay, an interesting wiki-article! By now my planning abilities should be apparent to anyone.

My life has changed quite a bit in the last year, but time is a great healer and I feel better than ever. Not currently being as suicidal as when I first got my mind set on a trip like this, I have had doubts about it being what I really want to do. Do I really want to bike through Asia, or was it just a crazy idea of a madman? The answer is YES (to both questions). Loosing everything makes you think about what you want to do, and “nothing” is the wrong answer. With the means and opportunity there is no question, really.

Life before: 280 square meters (3000 square feet).

Life after: 6 square meters (65 square feet).


  1. bilderna förmedlar komedi, tragik, heart ache och många andra känslor kan jag tänka mig...men kanske ändå det som är viktigast att fokusera på....frihet och glädje!


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