3. Preliminary route

How do you decide where to go? I don’t know. I want to go everywhere and I’ve always been a bit disappointed about not yet having been there. But I’m still young. Maybe I should apply for a job to drive the Google Car.

The criteria for this trip were basically that it should be flat, cheap, warm and safe. Africa doesn’t feel safe. South America isn’t flat. Australia, Europe and North America aren’t cheap. Antarctica isn’t warm. South East Asia it is. Here is the preliminary route, subject to change at any moment:


  1. Have you ever thought about buying a MOTORbike instead?


  2. 'South America isn't flat'...nä just det, för Asien är ju helt platt, Himalaya ligger ju bara där...och där är det helt platt och lätt att cykla har jag hört. Ha ha

  3. Tänkte undvika Himalaya :) Är väl lite backigt i norra Laos och Cameron Highlands förvisso.


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