The Board

Knowing absolutely nothing about longboards I had great help from Sofia, who has already done most of the research. With "help" I mean that she did all of it and I did nothing.

The board: Longboard Larry Pusher 2.0, 9 ply drop through.

Widely regarded among anonymous people on the Internet to be the best long distance pusher. One of the lowest boards on the market so you don't ever need to exercise your knee, for effortless pushing all day long.

The wheels: Seismic Speed Vent BlackOps 85mm

Seismic makes the very fastest wheel on the planet. According to Seismic.

The trucks: Caliber II Forty Four

DESIGNED FOR HIGH SPEED AND STABILITY says Caliber in all capital letters on their web page. I won't reach high speed, but stability sounds like a good thing. The road is straight, turning is not a priority.

The hitch: Longboard Larry Trailer Hitch

The only longboard trailer hitch you can buy, which makes it the best longboard trailer hitch you can buy.

The trailer:

A cheap Talawa Lowrider partnered with a Scrub 370 mm wide mountain board truck to prevent it from tipping over. Even though the speed is low and the road is straight, I'll bet my bag will roll over repeatedly. Fitted with a pair of Sharkwheels, weird looking wheels for rough roads.

Add some nuts and bolts, VAT and customs duty and all of this add up to the small sum of 900 Euro.

Wait, WHAT? I paid 900 Euro for a longboard?

I told you I'm insane!