Mac a duck ah

- "Allah akbar!"

The blank stare I got from Evy was more than matched by the totally lost look my face presented.

She didn't just say Allah akbar, so what did she say then? My mind raced through my mental English dictionary desperately searching for a match.

- "Mac a duck ah?"

I consider myself reasonably proficient in English, I should at least be able to hold a conversation. But I didn't have a clue about what this woman was trying to say.

- "Acka dacka, do you like them? Ayy See Dee See. Australian rock band. Acka Dacka!"

Ah, AC/DC. Acka Dacka.

- "Yes Evy. Yes, I like 'em, I like 'em a lot."

Totally irrelevant to the story, or anything.

Seems true. Stays red though.

It might be an S carved into this tree if you use your imagination, and it is believed it might just possibly be John McDouall Stuart who carved it. Instant monument and tourist attraction!