Ralph and Litchfield

We stayed at Ralphs magnificent place for two nights. You know you have found a special place in the world when your house doesn't need walls.

Ralph introduced us to her friends and way of life in the outback. Having a local as a personal guide beats organized tours every time and Ralph was no exception, going the extra mile to show us the Australian hospitality and local sights.

The glorious starry sky over Litchfield National Park almost made us regret lighting a fire at our camp site. The fire is mostly for setting the mood, we use gas for our cooking.

The Milky Way faded as the full moon rose over the horizon. But as the stars went dim, thousands of tiny lights began to sparkle on the ground around us. What might it be, I wondered, like a naive child. Maybe lightworms or some flourescent plant? I used my headlamp and took a closer look. I was met with the stares from all eight eyes of a Wolf spider, reflecting the headlamp right back at me.

The lights are spiders! They are all spiders!

Ralphs place.

Berry Springs.

Rodeo and motor show. Photo Sofia.

Second police encounter.

Magnetic termite mounds.

Big ones.

Wangi falls


Florence falls.

Tabletop walk.

Buley Rockhole


Food for kings.