Alice Springs

After 2 months, of which 44 days were skating, we rolled into Alice Springs.

A sense of achievement flushed through the body, and it almost felt unreal. Are we there yet? Yes, we are!

We stopped at the first store and bought a popsicle. It was delicious, and very cold! We bought one more.

We knew from early on that crossing the continent was out of the question in the alotted time and I might be slightly annoyed that we didn't succeed.

But the main goals always were to spend time in the outback, meet amazing people, have incredible experiences, and just have great fun.

And we succeeded.

We are also both still alive, which pleases me.

First distance sign to Alice Springs with only double digits! Almost there!

The evening before the last day of riding.

Passing The Tropic of Capricorn.

The highest point on Stuart Highway. Uphill for two months, one day of downhill. Interestingly it doesn't state the altitude.

The last 10 km and the only downhill worth mentioning in 1500 km.

Alice Springs!

Nice bike path into town.

Celebrating with a popsicle or two.


  1. Äh vad fan! Fullfölj nu planen och kom hem med ny energi! Man kan ju alltid fråga om lite mer tjänstledighet... ;)


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