It's not all fun and games

You might think The Outback is just an endless series of beautiful sunsets and delicious canned beans, and you'd be right.

But it's not all fun and games, there are also some downsides.

The red sand is absorbed by everything. When you clean your clothes the water becomes opaque red, and your laundry is still full of sand afterwards. Sometimes I wonder how many kilos I'm carrying that is just sand.

The flies are in your face all day long. From sunrise to sunset they do their best to get into your eyes, ears and nose. I've swallowed more flies in the past months than in my entire life up until this trip. After the sun has set they all disappear to wherever they came from and you get a few calm and quiet minutes before the mosquitos arrive.

Ants come in all sizes, the biggest almost an inch long. But it is the tinyest kind that find their way into your tent, your bag and your ziplocked food. They'll bite you too.

The Wolf spiders are everywhere. You might not always see them, but they are there. I pretend they don't exist, which solves that problem.

The sunrise is also nice.

Cooking beans.

Sofia is refilling her water bottle.

Difficult to tell from the picture, but the small ant getting murdered is a normal sized ant, about 5 mm or so.

A small Wolf spider trying to get into the tent.

A not so small Wolf spider at the toilet at Devils Marbles.


  1. Yeah, as great as going through or across the Land Down Under may be, I've heard the insects there can be pretty nasty. But, I guess it's all part of what makes the experience even more thrilling!


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