Leaving Sweden by ferry to Helsingør presented our first opportunity to charge our electronics and visit a proper restroom, an opportunity we immediately took advantage of. As far as I knew and remembered the channel crossing takes 20 minutes, but for reasons unknown I had barely dropped my pants before a voice commanded us to prepare for disembarkation. We hadn't been on board for more than ten minutes, and if you ask my coworkers that is not nearly enough time for Anders Karlsson to finish in the restroom.

We successfully made the treacherous journey anyway and celebrated with a proper Danish beer, remarkably expensive due to the plummeting value of the Swedish Krona. Tasted great!

Maybe the price of this beer is not due to the exchange rate after all.

We made a quick stop at Kronborg castle, mostly famous for being the setting of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, and a little less famous for being another sight close to Halmstad I've never bothered to visit.

Obviously, I have never read Hamlet.

Riding along the northern coast of Sjælland and eastern coast of Jylland was a pleasant experience. It wasn't always as flat as we had expected, but the few steep hills were short. Nobody has yet found a mountain in Denmark.

It also wasn't as windy as we had presumed. From others and their tales we were prepared for a vehement headwind constantly mauling our faces, regardless which direction we would travel. Perpetual wind is the norm along the Kattegatt coast, we wouldn't expect less, but the weather has been perfect. Nothing but clear blue skies all around for weeks on end.

Coastal Denmark being basically one long very sparsely crowded beach, combined with fantastic weather, caused our cycling to progress slowly. More than a few days it felt appropriate to sit in the sand, read a few pages, drink a few glasses.

We've been camping most nights. In Aarhus and Fredrikshavn we stayed in a room to get some practical stuff sorted out, but I rather sleep in my comfortable tent. Also it's free, so we can pay for those beers.

Pushing the bike up a hill.

Pushing the bike across sand.

The tide is rolling in at the shallow beach at Store Sjørup.

Waking up to an ocean view and my love is already brewing coffee.

One of a couple of ferry crossings over what the Danish referred to as fjords. They're not fjords, I can tell you that much.

Many nice and quiet bike paths.

Many nice and quiet beaches.