Scott and Ash in paradise

The last time I met my parents was in November when they came to visit for a rainy week in Nerja, outside of Malaga.

At the time they were talking about this wedding they were going to attend. My sister Maria's brother-in-law Scott from Australia and his girlfriend Ashley from South Africa were going to tie the knot in Thailand. Great I thought, they are a wonderful couple. It would have been fun to go but we are too distant as relatives to be invited, I presumed.

Shortly after my parents had returned to Sweden I got a message; “The card says you are invited too. RSVP as soon as possible. Our mistake! Hugs and kisses! Mom”.

Alright! Time for a vacation!

It has been almost a year since I saw my sister and her family, and even longer since I met the extended family from Australia. A wedding is the perfect event to gather a lot of family and friends from all over. Going to Thailand was just a bonus.

The flight was spent catching up with recent movies, we haven't been to the cinema since we left Sweden.

The wedding was as awesome as anybody could have imagined and there is no doubt in my mind this amazing couple will have a magnificent life together.

After all, Scott works at a gin distillery and Ash is an event planner.

Have you ever heard of a better match?

Family from Sweden and Australia.

 In-law Adam with my nephew Noah.

Nephew Max.


Mom, sister, girlfriend, me and dad.

Final preparations for Scott.

Brave kids walking the aisle. 

 No objections?

 Just say yes!


Happily ever after.