Suspicious Minds

Another great spot to pitch our tent! No nearby settlement, few people around, flat ground and beautiful surroundings!

Nobody is going to complain about us pitching a tent here, why would they? We put our bikes on the ground behind a knoll to hide them from the path, we assemble our chairs and relax. We read our books while basking in the sun, waiting for dusk to come. We'll put the tent up at sunset, not earlier.

A pic from the coast.

 Quiet rural roads.

 A nice spot.

The occasional hiker and cyclist pass us on the gravel road where we ourselves had cycled to get here, but as the afternoon goes by and the evening is getting closer, the path goes silent.

Now it is just us.

"Reading" a "book".

Suddenly a car approaches. We sit in silence as it comes closer. It drives towards us but instead of passing it stops, a mere ten meters away. A man is sitting in the car, waiting for something.

I am in my chair and pretend to read my book. From his position he can see us, but probably not our bikes and our bags. I wonder what he is doing out here, he is probably wondering the same about us.

He gets out of the car to have a smoke, then gets back in. Nothing seems to happen.

What is he doing? What have we gotten ourselves in the middle of this time? Maybe there is going to be a drug exchange and we are unwanted witnesses.

He is talking on his phone. He seems a bit agitated.

Maybe it is one of those “dogging”-places, meeting points for people having sex with random strangers. Oh lord, don't let it be one of those. What are we going to say then? “No thanks, we are just watching”?

I continued to pretend to read my book while whispering to Sofia. “What is he doing? Should we move? It's almost sunset, why doesn't he leave?”.

The man gets out of his car and puts something on the ground. Suddenly a drone lifts off with a buzz. He looks at us, smiles, and in perfect English says “I just bought this today! Only 60 Euros! Fun little thing, isn't it?”.

He is not here to sell drugs, participate in orgies or bury a dead body. He is here to try out his new drone.

We chat, he flies his drone, he packs his things and leaves with a “Have fun”.

Thank you, we're just happy you didn't kill us.

Still alive!