Three weeks to meet family, hang out with friends, and to take care of practical stuff like renewing the passport. It was a stressful vacation.

First out, celebrating Midsummer in idyllic Sundholmen, a place so authentically Swedish it's almost unreal. All the tropes of a classic midsummer evening were fulfilled including a short and light rain-shower in the evening.

The traditional dance around the midsummer pole.

I haven't been separated from Sofia in a year but we split for a week to visit friends in different locations. Despite trying to cover as much ground as possible and having daily meetups I did not manage to organize with all the friends I would have wanted to see. My relatives were easier to catch as many of them got together for my dads birthday.

 Swedish fika!

 Playing with Lego with nephew Noah.

Resting with nephew Max.

Dad is having a party!

I often try to think about enjoying the moment, enjoying all the time when I am not suffering from a headwind or a puncture. When we boarded the train to the airport we were exhausted from the hectic weeks. At the same time they had passed so quickly it almost felt like it never happened, it wasn't real.

Soon enough we were back on the bikes, suffering from a flat tire. Those things are real, that's for sure.

Ready to go!