We had just arrived to Sylt when a German friend messaged us an apology, a promise the rest of his country was not going to be like this island. We had not even voiced any concerns, but his subject matter was spot on. Within minutes in Germany we were told we can't park our bikes there, we can't pay with card here, move your bikes, no we don't have space for you!

We didn't feel very welcome.

However, back to the mainland everyone we met started greeting us. I failed to grasp what they were saying, to me it sounded like mornin' or morgen, but it was unlikely the phrase since it was late afternoon.

I have always considered myself to be rather bad at languages. I never got any grades that can be considered good in such subjects, and as a programmer I thought being a math-guy meant my brain was not wired for communication. The fact that I suck at math makes this line of reasoning hilariously illogical.

Nevertheless I have been able to travel through countries where I can't even read the alphabet, and conversely now and then having difficulty understanding people who speak English as their native language. I mean, Acca Dacca, seriously?

Arriving in Germany I surprised myself, and everyone else, by being able to explain that I travel by Fahrrad and not by Auto, thus only need a spot for my Zelt, and that Sofia has all of our Geld, obviously. And here I thought I could do nothing but order beer!

The greeting eluded me, however. Couldn't remember ever learning anything but Guten Abend.

Moin is the word. It's a great word.

Soon I was throwing moins left and right, and people were happy to return it if they hadn't already preempted me.

We stopped by at a friends place and got soundly spoiled by her family. Meeting new and old friends along the route is the best part of traveling.

Besides the bier, bitte!

Cycling in the dunes.

 Camping in the dunes.

 4 Euro entrance fee for the beach in Sylt.

River crossing. 

 The Kiel Canal.

 Typical path.


 Me taking a picture of Sofia taking a picture of a sunflower.

Currywurst and bier! Sunset and mud.